"There was a time when I used to love hiding in cupboards..." Cupboard Love


Welcome to my website where you will find bits of fluff and debris hidden in nooks and crannies. Well, that and my writing.  Enjoy!


65h March 2015 - WORLD BOOK DAY! I will be talking about my writing at Holland House Infant School in Sutton Coldfield.

July 2014 - The Crew: Day of the Dog and The Crew: Hot or Not? (Published by Franklin Watts) are available as Kindle e-books to download!  

The Crew (Kindle Edition)

June 2014 - The 'Chinese Lives in Birmingham' project that I have been a part of as an interviewee and also as a volunteer has come to an end. Thank you to all that came to my Chinese storytelling and art workshop at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts.


'An imaginative young writer. An exciting new entrant to the literary scene.'   Barry Turner, (author, journalist and editor of The Writers Handbook)

'Tina's writing is exuberant and funny. She has a fresh, exciting voice and, given her enthusiasm and enterprise, it's no surprise there's so much interest in her work.'   Nicola Monaghan, (Novelist)

'Tina Freeth writes short stories, dramas and screenplays, and is extremely versatile in her approach. Above all, she is a fine storyteller, crafting dramatic incidents that tell us something fresh and new about the bricolage of life swirling seamlessly around us.'    Professor Roger Shannon, (Film Producer)